i N F O Progressive Metal from Jena, Germany Syntension is a mixture of alternative metal and post-progressive rock. On stage they combine hard riffing, rock ballads, complex harmonies and dynamic rhythms and is complemented by a progressive portion. The boys perform with great enthusiasm and the momentum transferred with ease to the audience. In Syntension it's all about the music, to write interesting songs and rock the stage to the limit! Members of SYNTENSION: Roy Burkhardt Alexander Rauhut Manuel Doppel Daniel Büttner Fabian Kummer Biography: Syntension was born September 2016, but had existed long before that. In 2007, front-man Roy Burkhardt and guitarist Alexander Rauhut founded the band as an Alternative Rock band, originally called Junksound. Shortly after, Daniel ‘Darren’ Büttner (Bass) and Fabian Kummer (drums) completed the line-up. At the time, the sound was grungy and straight. The band published two EPs and established themselves as a local rock band with a small fan base. Over the years, the members grew up and so did their music. The singing was spiced up with range and harmonies, the riffs became more technical, solos faster and drums trickier. All in all, the songs became more and more unpredictable. The band finally decided that the old alternative vibe of Junksound was gone. Manuel Doppel (formerly Infected Authoritah), was added to the line-up as second guitarist and plans were made for a restart. In late 2015, the band decided to let Junksound die and be reborn as Syntension. The restrictions of genre were stripped of and Syntension fully embraced the idea of prog music. They recorded and produced a debut album “Within Yet Without” themselves during spring and summer 2016, taking as much time as needed to perfect the album, with the music as the highest priority. The album was finished in August 2016 and mastered by Jan Listing, a fellow prog metal musician from the band Chaosbay.


©SASH can be found alongside the classic sound of bands like Dream Theater and Pain Of Salvation, and there is also plenty of raw metal in there like Godsmack and Avenged Sevenfold. “Within Yet Without” was only the beginning... Syntension had their live “debut” supporting The Ocean in September 2016 at Numpfest, Geiselwind (GER) and will continue playing shows around Germany. Further highlights were Metal Franconia Festival and Bonebreaker Festival 2017 featuring Ektomorf, Legion of the Damned and many other inspiring artists. In 2018 Syntension supported Harakiri For The Sky and started the Spring Of Steel Tour which led them across Germany. In April 2018 THE BAND started recording sessions for their second album called “Distance For Reflections” which was released on October 19th and opened a new chapter in the bands history.
©SIOMOTION Syntension means progressive metal. Progressive metal means no boundaries. “Within Yet Without” features a combination of straight riffs and powerful melodies with the occasional odd beat and dissonance to pull you out of your comfort zone. The songs cover a wide spectrum of emotions – from hate to love, from fear to desire – in an introspective manner. This manifests in highly energetic songs which are as diverse and complex. The heavy influence of modern Prog Metal artists like Periphery and Tesseract